Hello world!

Do I need to explain my blog name? No I am not calling myself a “nini” as in ding-dong, but nini (pronounced, nee-nee) is a nickname from a childhood mis-pronunciation of Jeanie. Although I am rather ding-dongish at times…

Anyway, here is my new blog, inspired by my sis. She got me hooked into blogs and the wonderful world of craftiness to be found there, and she started her own, katiedid, which I LOVE, so I thought, why not, I might as well do something constructive with the time I spend online…

So what better to intoduce a new blog than with PICTURES yay!


Here are Paige Dillon and Chloe, a.k.a. the three yahoos,

last November, strolling down main street Placerville


Here is my honey, this is one of my favorite pictures of Scott,

not so much of Chloe! (hee-hee)


Here I am!


So I figure this blog will be a way to stay in touch with people, and generally journal about my life, projects, adventures, and the lives projects and adventures of my family here in langdonland. I hope you enjoy!!




4 thoughts on “Hello world!

  1. katie

    YAHOO!!! i can’t wait to see all your goodness!! i’m annoyed that mr. wordpress up there is taking up the coveted slot of first commenter!
    i’m giddy jean, this is going to be GREAT!! hooray for blogs!

  2. Kendria


    You look terribly happy! Scott is a handsome guy! It is good to see my little cousins…they have grown up! Hope all is well with you and your cute little family!

    Love ya,
    Kendria 🙂

  3. "Betty"

    (Yes, your Dad still teases me occasionally with the “Betty” name – from old deaf patients at work not understanding my name as pronounced – so I thought I’d just throw it in here… add to the celebration of your new blog!)
    Hey, Nini – great job – I love it! I’m not savvy enough to do this… at least until one of my terrific children deigns to educate me… 🙂
    Keep up the good work! Love ya – Mom


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