a camping we will go…

Well last weekend we packed up and headed for the mountains! We spent a few days camping up at Union Valley Reservoir. It is a beautiful lake in the Sierras. Erin made it so easy on me I couldn’t say no. We camped with the Porters in their tent trailer. There were also two other families there, good friends of Erin’s. All together we had 14 kids! The camp was beautiful and quiet, well except for our kids! hee hee.


Paige was a big help with her cousin, baby Grant, who wants – no – demands to be up!


Here are most of the kids, the three littlest Porters were sleeping. Quite a crew, huh?!


Dillon, boogie board master!

“You call him Dr. Jones, doll!” (Scott in his Indiana Jones hat)lake.jpg

Here is where the kids spent most of their time. We thought the water would be way to cold, but I guess it wasn’t half bad. (still not anywhere near warm enough for me to get in though!!)


This doughnut raft was super fun for everyone!


Camping is not Scotts favorite pass time… but he loves me and had enjoyed it for what it is. And come on lets face it, it is never as much fun for the Mom’s as it is for the kids, but I do love campfires, and food in great quantities!!

and of course the forest smell can’t be beat.




One thought on “a camping we will go…

  1. katie

    soo pretty. perfect way to welcome in summer. the water isn’t so bad jean, you just have to stay in until you get numb, then it’s great.
    i’m in love with paige’s freckles.


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