Wonder Woman!



I’m not just paying homage to Wonder Woman, although she is quite cool standing for Truth, Justice and the American Way and all, (and quite a few times I have wished for a lasso of truth to use on my kids!!), no, this year I get to go to Girls camp as a counselor for the 3rd level girls. The camp theme is “got power?”, with superheros as the representatives for each level, and yep you guessed it, Wonder Woman is the 3rd level’s! She stands for integrity (you know with her lasso of truth and all…)

Paige is a first level this year, and she gets to be Mighty Mouse!! — FUN

I am rather excited to be going to camp and a bit stressed that it is only 2 1/2 weeks away, but hopefully I will make a big dent in my preparations this weekend. I’m working on a couple of projects I will post when they are ready…

Is it just me or is summer supposed to be more relaxing, no more school schedules, just fun in the sun right? I WISH! Ok, maybe I am over exaggerating, but this month for me is crazy with stuff I have to do. Granted most of it is fun, camp, Scott’s birthday, Fathers Day, but it requires preparation, but not to worry, I have my lists!!

(Yes I do have some not so fun things too, mainly going to trial over some idiocy of my ex’s…blah!! STRESS)

Yesterday was the last day of school for the kids. I am in that stage where I make lists of all the fun projects and adventures I want to do this summer. It usually ends up falling by the wayside mostly undone, but this year I have a plan. I worked a deal with Erin, where during the weeks we are home we will switch days watching each others kids, that way one day a week I will have all the cousins over and we will do one of my fun project ideas, and then I get a day free of kids to get stuff done solo!! BRILLIANT, if I do say so myself! I am looking forward to it.

Well I must get off my rear and get to it… I must do my wonder woman thing, because really every mom is a superhero right?!










2 thoughts on “Wonder Woman!

  1. Kendria

    Paige is a first year? WOW! Had no idea she was that old?! Have fun and good luck getting all of your projects done! 🙂 Go Wonder Woman Jeanie!

  2. katie

    i cannot believe paige is old enough for CAMP! i love it that you have wonder woman- are they going to photoshop a more modest outfit on her? (hah!) can’t wait to see all the camp goods you come up with and all the other summer projects. . . the swap is genius.


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