a surprisingly nice saturday morning

Today was going to be just another Saturday full of chores for me, the two older kids are at their Dad’s for the weekend and Scott works on Saturdays, so Chloe and I were just going to hang around home and I was going to clean house and try to make a dent in the mountain of laundry in my back room…
But Surprise! Scott had the day off and didn’t tell me ’till this morning, (he likes to surprise me with unexpected days off) Sooo we went to the farmers market and then walked up and down main street Placerville. We paid a visit to our favorite used book store and a few other shops. We then went to Rotary Park to watch Dillon’s and Mason’s little league baseball game. All in all it was a wonderful, calm morning, and it was just right.



This man has an Emu at the Farmers Market every other week, (he sells Emu oil) and this is the first time Chloe has been up close and personal with it. She wouldn’t even touch it, but it was quite fascinating for her to see!


“Give me a kiss Daddy!”

Chloe is very affectionate.



hee-hee, giggle-giggle!



Such pretty flowers! I want to buy them all and have a garden in the living room!




3 thoughts on “a surprisingly nice saturday morning

  1. jeanie

    It’s actually on main street at the ivy house parking lot, accross from the soda works building, you know, at the druid memorial intersection? It’s a perfect spot.

  2. "Betty"

    I miss you … I’m not sure if your blog makes it easier or worse! Loved being with you last week… pedicures ok, but still not up to Korean pedicures! Dillon doing fine. Looking forward to seeing you Thursday. Love – Mom


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