Guess where i got to go yesterday…


yep, the good ol ER, the place you get to go when you do something dumb and need immediate medical attention.

first of all i got new knives for mother’s day, and they are great, nice and sharp! so yesterday i am cutting an avocado for a delicious bean taco, and with my lovely new knife i was attempting to remove the pit, but the knife glanced off the pit and went right through the avocado and then my finger… all the way through. AHHHH! so, nine stitches later (five on one side and four on the other on my left index finger) here i am trying to type with a splint on!! i did some damage too,ok the cut was pretty damaging, but on the way through i got a nerve or two and half of my finger is dead numb. so next week i get to go see the orthopedic surgeon and hopefully he can fix it with surgery, ( i sure hope so…)

anyway, there goes girls camp! i’m bummed about that, but there is no help for it… i am not to functional with one hand and an impending surgery.

well since typing this is taking twice as long as usual, i will say have a good day and be careful with your cutlery !!


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