corn dog anyone??

Yesterday Scott, Chloe and I went to the good ‘ol El Dorado County Fair. We are fair going people for sure. We had a nice low key evening, took Chloe on the ferris wheel, saw a tiger show, ate ice cream and drank lemonade. We took it easy considering the 100 degree temperature, but it cooled off nicely as the evening went along.




This look is classic Chloe. She purses her lips to hide a smile, so as to not let on that she is having a good time. She is a funny girl.




What is it about the fair? I guess that it’s because it has just been around forever, it’s an american classic you know?, face painting, throw up rides (that I am now officially to old for, physically anyway, can’t handle the motion sickness anymore!), games, bands, everything outrageously overpriced… ahhh ….. i guess it’s good it’s only once a year. But we also never miss the state fair either…


p.s. my finger is ok, in a manner of speaking, the doctor says I should have the feeling fully (or mostly) back in 3 to 5 months. It feels really weird, but feeling something is better than nothing…




One thought on “corn dog anyone??

  1. katie

    more! i need more! give it to me, jean, what have you been up to?

    and, i love the shot of the ferris wheel “el dorado county fair” i love those fairgrounds and am amazed by how many memories i have of all the events that took place there- during every stage of my life.


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