the season for stars

sorry i haven’t written in a while, my excuses are: summer is so busy ya know, and i haven’t been feeling well lately…buying that? hee-hee, so on to stars…

Stars are my newest favorite.



I recently hung these big metal stars in my living room, and I love to look at them. I have a need for changing my surroundings often. My whole life I have always re-arranged furniture, usually twice a year. I’m not one for big changes in life but having a new furniture arrangement always really makes me happy. But with our cute little house, there isn’t much room for re-arranging too much, (usually the kids rooms get re-arranged), so I settle for changing, and adding to the decor.



These stars hang in our bedroom above my desk. I LOVE scrapbooking paper, even though I don’t scrapbook. I have a thing for the fancy, fun and awesome papers that you can do so much with. The first time I made a paper garland like this was for Valentine’s Day. I found a tutorial here at One Hour Craft for the project, made it and LOVED it. So recently I thought, I have this awesome star die cut, so I punched out a ton of stars in my favorite papers, sewed them up and viola! Something new and pretty to look at!


2 thoughts on “the season for stars

  1. katie

    oh, i love the banner/garland of stars! i’ve had one of those (well, not stars, but a garland thing) on my crafty “to-do” list forever. . . now maybe i’ll get around to doing it!


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