this Morning in our yard, the good the bad and the ugly…

First the good:


Yay, our first tomatoes! We have three tomato plants on our garden, and these cherry tomatoes are the first to ripen, so sweet and yummy!!

Here is the bad:


So last night at about 2:45am I was woken up by the sound of our garbage can being knocked over. I was thinking it was the neighbor’s big stinking dog getting brave and attacking it next to our house, he usually waits until garbage day and spreads it all over the road and our driveway… or maybe the raccoons were getting into it… I tried to ignore it and go back to sleep. (If I come fully awake in the middle of the night I have a hard time going back to sleep and am usually awake for an hour at least.) But the noise continued and I figured I better scare away whatever animal was out there or I would never sleep. So I got up and turned on the outside flood lights and then walked over to our window to see if I could see what animal was the cause. Well, to my surprise and amazement a BEAR comes strolling along away from our garbage and meanders off into the neighbors yard. A BEAR!! It is the first time in my memory that I have seen a bear outside of a zoo!! It was gone to fast for me to try to get a picture, bummer, but a BEAR!, in Placerville! Crazy. Needless to say I was up for a good hour…

Now the ugly:


I kill plants. It is hot and if these don’t get watered twice a day forget about it, but a quick trip to the nursery will solve the problem, for a while at least!!


One thought on “this Morning in our yard, the good the bad and the ugly…

  1. katie

    i’m amazed and so JEALOUS! one of my life goals is to see abear roaming artound in the wild. i wouldn’t have classified your yard as the “wild” but i think i would have considered the goal complete. . . wow.


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