Cobbler is a funny word that brings about lots of memories, along with drooling, when I hear it. In my family cobbler has been a life long tradition of simple goodness. It is so easy and so delicious , you can’t go wrong. I took advantage of a gift of blackberries, and also of a cooling Delta Breeze we have been enjoying for a few days to make this treat. (Scott and I were wondering how everyone else inland who doesn’t get relief bringing Delta breezes survive summer?! It cooled us down into the 80’s the last couple days, a brief and wonderful respite. Summer is usually a big bummer for me in the baking department, we don’t have air conditioning, but our house stays cool most days unless I heat it up with the oven.) Anyway…Here is my delicious cobbler:



Cobbler reminds me of my parents kitchen and family dinners. It also reminds me of summer camping at Patrick’s Point and all the wonderful dutch oven cooking we did (with all the Winn boys running around saying “cobbler” the whole vacation!). Peaches are the fruit usually used, but wow is this blackberry good. I would have made it peach & blackberry, but I didn’t feel like going ALL the way down into the basement to look for peaches.hee hee.

Ok I think cobbler is going to be the main menu item for my lunch today…YUM!

Here is the recipe:

1 cube margarine or butter (I use butter)

2 cups flour

2 cups sugar

2 tsp baking powder

1/2 tsp salt

1 1/2 cups milk

2 large cans of peaches with a little juice or about 2 cups fresh fruit

1/2 cup brown sugar

Place the cube of butter in a 9×13 pan and put in the oven while preheating (350), so the butter melts.

Mix all the ingredients (except the fruit and brown sugar)

Remove the pan from the oven and pour the mix evenly over the melted butter in your pan.

Spoon the fruit over the batter and sprinkle with the brown sugar.

Bake for one hour.

Serve warm with ice cream, reheat for breakfast, lunch and dinner until it is gone and you have to make more!!


5 thoughts on “Cobbler

  1. katie

    hmm, i wonder who’s recipe it actually is? i tried to make some dutch oven style while we were camping and used splenda instead of sugar– turned out sadly rubbery.

  2. Ken Dixon

    Jeanie String Beanie!!!!!
    I was looking at Kendria’s blog and spotted a link to yours and Katie’s. It was good to see some pictures. It’s amazing how one can lose a whole family based on the decision of one person. Looks like your doing well up in Oregan I guess. And Katie in NYC. Wow!! Say hi to your folks. Does Sarah Bagara have a blog?


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