free tickers

Here is something fun I have stumbled accross on my ramblings around the web. Free tickers. They count down any event you might want to count down. As you can see, right now I am counting down the days left until school starts. Two reasons for this, it will be here before I know it and I don’t want it to sneak up on me, I want plenty of time to get the kids ready (supply wise). And second I like having a break from the daily schedule and it is so nice not having to get up early, but wow, I can only take so much of having high maintenence children around, and I do better with a schedule anyway.

So about the free tickers for anyone interested: I googled “free ticker” and the three sites I like best are: The Ticker Factory, Ticker Central, and Lilypie

All kind of center around pregnancy, but the first two have other options for anything you like. Lilypie is baby centered, but has some cute birthday countdowns for any childs age.

Here is one i put together from The Ticker Factory:

Here is one from Ticker Central:

Here is one from Lilypie:
Lilypie 5th Birthday Ticker

I love this stuff. So cute and fun. I will be counting down all sorts of things now!

A note: As far as I know Ticker Factory is the only one that offers the option of making your ticker short, like my school countdown, the others are as long as you see in this entry.


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