home again, home again, jiggety jig

Well, two and a half weeks in Oregon and we are finally home. We had a great time.

The whole visit was filled with lots of beautiful sites and family fun.


We went on a fabulous walk through the redwoods. It was so gorgeous.



We watched whales and flew kites up on a bluff by the ocean.

We hiked to “secret beach” and saw seals, mini waterfalls and pelicans and mountain goats from the ocean kayaks (I had a blast paddling through all these amazing rock arches in the water).


We had a bonfire on the beach and roasted marshmellows and sang songs.


We went to the Curry county fair (as you know I am always up for a fair), and it was so small, but fun none the less, we had corn on the cob, cotton candy and cookies, and we saw the animals and art and danced to a live band.


We played games, did puzzles and made lots of yummy food and treats. Katie taught Sarah and I how to sew these cute dresses for the little girls (I will post it).

Dillon turned TEN while we were there and he had cake and presents. I made him a treasure chest cake with the help and advice of Mom and Katie, it turned out fabulous.


And that is just some of the fun. Mom and Dad (papa and dee-dee) had ALL their grandchildren there for the weekend that Sarah and Eric’s baby, Bryce was blessed, wild and crazy times!!

Unfortunately we also had to pay a visit to the:



Yep the ER! Scott was the problem child this time instead of me. (seriously, this is the first time it has been not me, I don’t like being on either side of it!) He was doubled over in extreme pain two days after arriving in Oregon and what they thought was an appendix situation, turned out to be a kidney stone!! So they drugged him up and sent him home (back to mom and dads anyway) with a prescription for pain killers and said it could be a couple of days. Well it is a week later now and still nothing, so Scott spent a lot of his trip relaxing because of the pain, and definitely drugged up to be able to cope. He was able to do some stuff with us though. POOR SCOTT! ouch!



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