back to life, back to reality…

Well school has started for Paige and Dillon. As always when August rolls around I am ready for a scheduled life again. Enough of this willy-nilly summer existence of do what you want when you want…. ok really it is not all that bad, but it is more that this summer was full of high highs and low lows, and packed with activities for the kids, that getting back to a regular calm schedule where I don’t have to decide what will be done every day, is just what I need. It’s easy, get up early get kids off to school, get my stuff done, pick up kids, and then the evening consists of homework, food, chores and a bit of play, Ahhhhhh. I may not appear so sometimes, but I really am an organized person, and living an organized life is good for me, now if I can get my house organized a bit better…

So I was trying to think of what kind of new ticker count down I wanted to do…, and I decided that the next event I am looking forward to is when Katie and Chip come back to this coast. Chip is going to be participating in a swim from Alcatraz to San Francisco! We are going to go and cheer him on and watch out for sharks! I love San Francisco and haven’t been at all this year, so it will be a great day. Then Katie and Chip will be coming to Placerville for some gold country fun, before we take off to Arizona for a Porter family reunion to celebrate my Grandpa’s 80th birthday. It will be a busy and fun week, and I am looking forward to it. So in honor of Chip’s swim, my new ticker is a little fish in a big ocean!


One thought on “back to life, back to reality…

  1. katie

    hooray! i love it! i’m looking forward to some quality time in ol’ hangtown.
    we went to the aquarium yesterday and watched some sharks for awhile, those things are so creepy. . .


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