anemia – blaaah!

So, I have always had issues with being anemic. I had my blood levels tested about a month ago and they were below normal. No surprise to me, I am always lacking energy and ready for a nap at 10 am. I also have issues with absorbing iron. I was taking it twice a day and since I tested low, they bumped me up to three times a day and said to get retested in a few weeks. So Monday I went in and got tested and wow, now my iron is even lower. So low in fact that my doctor was concerned that I would randomly pass out!! I have yet to fall to the floor, but I must say I have felt like it a few times lately. So I get to go down to Sac and visit my hematologist and get some iv iron infusions. No big deal, I have had them before, it is more of a long day to get it done, and they like me to come down a few times a week… so on Monday I will probably start that.

In the mean time and really the whole point of my story is that now I have an excuse to be lazy! Ok “take it easy” sounds better so we will call it that. I have been using the excuse right and left with Scott and he is humoring me.. so far anyway… So while I am taking it easy I have been entertaining myself with some of the following:

So You Think You Can Dance — who doesn’t love this show! Dancing people, DANCING! I love it. I have always loved a good musical show, and you cant beat a good dance number in most any movie, and a whole show with just the dancing is fabulous! I am sad now that the season is over and I have to wait until next year to see it happen again. Did you see the season finale last nite? I loved the little JibJab number done with Cat and Nigel, I thought it was goofy and funny and lighthearted. I am thinking of making my own, and if I do I will post it here. Really silly and fun.

I have been reading various books, of course Harry Potter, I read that one in Oregon and am so sad that I finished it. I guess I will just have to start them over. I have been reading some of my Calvin and Hobbes collection. Seriously, so funny! I love the sense of humor in these comics, genius! But, I need a new book that is a real page turner! Any suggestions anyone? Anyone??…

One of my favorite things to do is to plan what I will be baking next… I am quirky that way. I have a wonderful cookbook collection that I just love to page through, and when I get the chance I love to actually bake! My latest additions to my cookbook library are The Americas Test Kitchen Family Cookbook and Lion House Desserts. Both are wonderful. I used the Lion house cheesecake recipe for the first official cheesecake I ever made and it was so good! Almost everything you try in the America’s test kitchen book is good, they are the “Best recipe” people! The next thing I am going to bake I think will just be some cookies, chocolate with peanut butter chips maybe…

Scott just bought me the new Erasure CD. I have been a fan of their music since they started in the 80’s. And I have converted my kids too! They like a lot of the old music I love, I am sure pretty soon they will be finding their own tunes, but for now they are under my influence!!

What I really need to do is to clean off my desk (well ok, my whole room really) and get to my projects that I want to work on. I have never been able to cook, bake or sew or anything like that when my surroundings are messy, but, it takes all my energy to clean, so I’m too tired to want to work on the projects, so then why waste my energy cleaning when I should use it on the projects, which would be a perfect pass-time while I am “taking it easy”, but alas, I just can’t create unless my surroundings are clean. Quite the catch 22 eh? I have a bunch of great things to work on too: a pair of Raggedy Dolls, a Hobby Horse, a couple of bags, maybe a quilt… endless options await me. It is also fun for me to think about and plan, I guess it will have to tide me over until I get my iron infused and start feeling like a real person again!


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