Soft Pretzels

I am teaching my Young Women (Beehive class) how to make pretzels tonight so I am trying them out today. I found this RECIPE and it has lots of great reviews, so I am going for it. I thought I would do a spiritual tie-in about prayer, since the pretzels look like folded arms…

So now I am going to go make the pretzels, ’cause I should know what I am doing before teaching others!

………………………………………………….TIME LAPSE…………………………………………………..

(through the miracle of modern computer technologies you will not have to actually wait for me to make the pretzels before you get to see the results.hee-hee)

ok I am back… And the pretzels took me about 1 1/2 hours. Here they are!







The recipe is easy to follow, but I will try a couple things a little differently tonight. Like using little less flour. The recipe calls for 5 cups, and I thought I only put in 4 when it started looking DRY. Maybe I did put in 5, the kids were distracting me at the time and I am not the best multi-tasker . But if it is the case that I put in 5, it is too much, I will watch much closer, ’cause I thought the dough was a bit on the dry side. A couple of other things that I will watch are making sure the dough is rolled thin enough, and I think cutting down on the boiling time will make them less doughy. Some of my pretzels turned out a bit underdone. (but since the oven is at 475 I don’t want to bake them any longer, they are perfectly golden brown.)

That being said,the pretzels are delicious! They are pretty to look at as well as good to eat. Soft and chewy. Next time I will hold off on adding the salt before baking and butter them when they come out of the oven, then add salt or cinnamon-sugar.

We’ll see how it goes tonight!





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