hobby horse of course

Today I am making a hobby horse. It will eventually be for Chloe, and she is very excited about it. I am teaching a class on how to make them for a Super-Saturday craft day in October, and I need the model made for display by tomorrow, and since there is no time like the last minute, I am making it today! I must say it is coming together rather nicely!


(I got the pattern off the Family Fun website, and I can’t find it again to link it… hmmmm, but I did find the same instructions here, just without the pictures that F.F. had originally.)

Here is my finished horse:


Chloe is loving it. The original pattern calls for felt eyes and nose, which could be cute if you did some cute stitching and didn’t just glue them down, but I have this collection of vintage buttons that are awesome and I love, so I grabbed some of those for the face.

While I was doing this, I cut my middle finger on my left hand. I am now down to three usable fingers on that hand. Scott is thinking of banning me from all sharp objects!!


One thought on “hobby horse of course

  1. katie

    LOVE IT! it looks great, the button eyes are perfect. eve is impressed too and wants to go to chloe’s house and wants chloe to share with her.


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