wind in my hair

For the next few weeks I have to travel down to a hospital in Sacramento, 45 minutes to an hour away, to get i.v. iron infusions three times a week. I have taken my husband’s advice and decided to view these trips as “me-time”. It is time I get to spend in the car alone, with out having to be a referee. I get to drive my husbands little civic because of the much better gas mileage. I get to zip down the freeway listening to the music I want, and the best part is on the way home I roll down the windows and enjoy the wind in my hair. I love the wind. It is not usually very windy here. I realized the first day when I was driving home that I could roll down the windows without anyone complaining about the wind, or it being too loud, or too hot… I usually get finished with my iron around 8pm and so the sun has just set and it is still pretty warm outside. It is the perfect time of day for a drive at top speeds (well top mostly legal speeds), the music on and the windows down while it is still really warm out side. I love it when it is warm at night. That may be a remembrance of the time when I lived in Mesa, AZ with my Grandparents. It would stay so warm at night, and that was just so amazing to me and I loved it. I also had a little convertible Rabbit at the time, and I was young and enjoying life. So driving around with the wind whipping through my hair represents good times to me. I have forgotten how much fun it is now that I am a “responsible” adult, it has been great to revive that feeling of ..hmmmm… what is it exactly?,… youth?.. I guess it is just being carefree for a little bit of time, time to forget all my worries and stresses and just have a little fun.




One thought on “wind in my hair

  1. katie

    jean, i know exactly the feeling you’re talking about. i get it everytime we’re out of town and i’m driving by myself with the windows down! i’ve never really figured out what it is either but i agree, i think it is just the memory of a time when i had little to no responsibilities or worries, when life was just about me. sounds selfish writing it out, and clearly i love all i have now, but getting to relive that time for a few moments makes me feel so free and giddy and remind me of the time when so much was so far ahead of me.

    enjoy your trips. i can’t imagine the iron iv is fun, but i’m envious anyway. . .


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