why clean the house when you can READ?

I love to read. I really started getting into reading when I was in my 20’s. I remember liking books when I was young but I always had something better to do. Except once when I was in the 3rd? grade and I was REALLY sick with the flu. I stayed in bed except to go throw up every half hour, and to occupy myself I read a Nancy Drew book, The Mystery of the Glowing Eye.

(I just love the covers of all the books, very nostalgic for me.)

I liked Nancy Drew and had read a bunch of the books but this one always stuck in my mind because of the awful circumstances associated with it! I am not sure if I even finished it after I was better because it reminded me of being so sick!

So anyway I Love to Read. And every so often I find a book that I can’t put down. it’s a, “the house is a mess and it is noon and I am in My PJ’s but I can read till 1:45 and then still have enough time to get showered and dressed to get the kids from school”, kind of thing. I love those kind of books. Scott says “You can’t really get into a book and totally enjoy it if you read it so fast” I totally agree, but just can’t help myself! And then it is always enjoyable to read it again later.

I have a set of books by the author Dorothy Keddington that she wrote in the late 70’s and through the 80’s. I love her books and pull them out every year or so and read them again. She is an LDS author so the characters (who are usually not LDS) have values and standards. I am a sap for a good love story, not the hot steamy kind, the kind that remind me of when my husband and I were dating and it was all electric shocks and heart skipping, hoping and dreaming, and happy endings of course. Throw in a bit of action & suspense and I am all over it!! I find that these days it is hard to find authors to read that you can truly recommend to someone with out hesitation. One of the only things I miss about Utah (ok maybe THE only thing) is the public library stocked all the LDS fiction around, not here in Cali… and unfortunately my budget does not include the hundreds of dollars I could spend on books…

But anyway, this week I borrowed a book called Twilight. I could not put it down. I finished it in one day and went out and bought the second in the trilogy and read it straight through. I am sitting here wondering if I can wait untill Wednesday when I am down in the valley again to get to Borders to buy the 3rd book… or can I possibly wait out the 3 month wait list to get it from the library… hmmmm.

The trilogy is a young adult read, about a 17 year old girl, and finding her true love who happens to be a vampire, fantastic fun I say. The author, Stephenie Meyer, is LDS, and there is no junk in the book – yay!

Ok I will stop going on and on, I will just have to write more about books later, I have lots to say when it comes to one of my favorite pass times!

As always, if you have read a good book, Please, I would love any recommendations!!


2 thoughts on “why clean the house when you can READ?

  1. Megan

    So I am working on the 3rd book right now, I was reading them when we were up in Brookings. They get you so hooked! But I have a hard time telling everyone what i am reading because it is hard to tell people how a book about a teenage girl in love with a vampire is so captivating and not just crazy!!!


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