country bazaar

I love flea markets, garage sales and especially bazaars! Every labor day the little town of Diamond Springs (the southern neighbor of Placerville ) holds a “Country Bazaar”. It’s like a huge flea market. Every little parking lot of the whole main street is filled with people selling their stuff. It is like heaven for thrifters. We went again this year and I was not disappointed. My budget was small, but I made up for that bummer by taking pictures of all the funny, weird and cute stuff I saw. Here is my montage of bizarre bazaar findings.


















So I ended up with this awesome little paperback cookbook by Betty Crocker from the 40’s about baking. I love the old cookbooks, the phrase-ology they use is so entertaining. Another addition to my cookbook collection.



I unfortunately don’t get to experience the “flea market” too often anymore. “Back in the day” when I was a teenager our county fair grounds had the best flea market around. Back then the local senior citizen group ran the whole thing. They would run (ok not run), but amble around all official in these bright orange vests and keep things under control. (watch out all you whipper-snappers!) It took place on two Saturdays a month and there would be a hundred or more different sellers for you to browse the wares. We would occasionally sell there ourselves. There were lots of people, and you had to get there early before all the good stuff was gone.

Well… now the fair ground themselves run it and it is a sad affair. On a good day there may be 15 sellers there and it is only once a month, hardly worth going to, so,so sad.

So if you have a local flea market, bazaar, or whatever, GO! When else do you get to go on a treasure hunt these days? And you never know what you might find that you have been yearning for and maybe never new it!!


One thought on “country bazaar

  1. katie

    what, you didn’t buy miss piggy??

    oh, how i miss that flea market. more than half of my life’s clothes and possessions were from that place. including a little coat i bought when i was 16 that ruthie will be wearing this fall.

    have fun mixing the “speedy way”!


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