I did it by myself!

Well my sister Katie was my tutor, but I did all the work. When we were in Oregon, Sarah and I had Katie teach us to make the little girls sundresses. We found some great fabric by Amy Butler at the local quilt shop and went to town. I was amazed at how easy it was.



I love this dress, I will have to make more of them. And as Murphy’s Law dictates the first day Chloe was wearing this dress she got hot pink fingernail polish on it. We were getting ready for church and she wanted her toes to match her dress, so instead of being patient she decided to start herself and ended up painting her dress. She had this panicked look on her face when she was telling me, and I think it was less that her dress had polish on it and more that I was not going to be happy… So I need to figure out how to get nail polish out of fabric… I’m guessing nail polish remover will do the trick, as long as it doesn’t destroy the fabric. But you can’t really see it unless you are looking for it anyway (the pictures were taken later that day, and you can’t see it.)

Ok back on subject. Notice the awesome smocking, and cute ric-rac on the bottom hem? I am patting myself on the back because I am not much of a sewer, never reallylearned how. I remember one time when I was a teenager, I decided that I would make myself a t-shirt. My mom had a bunch of t-shirt type material, really quite cute, so I got it out, along with my mom’s annoying old sewing machine. I started cutting out pieces loosely based another shirt of mine I was using as a pattern, and started sewing. It was so ridiculous. It turned out as a cropped shirt that was twice as wide as I was, and for the collar, and pretty much all the hems, I just folded the fabric over and stitched back and forth a few times until all the edges were secure. It was a frankenstien for sure. I put everything away and no one was any wiser that I had pretty much destroyed a perfectly good bunch of fabric. I think I hid that “shirt” and later disposed of it after ripping it to shreds so no one would see it in the garbage and wonder “what the heck?”. So after that I stuck to hemming jeans and easy stuff that didn’t require any knowledge whatsoever.

So needless to say, my skills have improved greatly since then, and I can now show the things I make in public!

Maybe next I will find some Halloween fabric and make a shirty type version…Hmmm I just may have to go fabric shopping!!


2 thoughts on “I did it by myself!

  1. katie

    crap, i wish you had pictures of the frankenstein shirt. i’m laughing thinking about it. and the fact that you shredded all the evidence in shame. . .
    it makes me think of that cosby show episode where denise makes theo the yellow satin-y shirt that turns out completely wonky. i love that episode.

    you did a PERFECT job on the dress. i’m not just saying that. you got skills jean.


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