hair cutting 101

Kind of like my sewing, I’ve never learned how to cut hair, I just do it. I’ve always cut my daughters’ hair, and my son’s and husband’s hair. I’ve cut my own hair many times, I’ve cut my mom’s hair, my sister in law’s hair, my sister in law’s friend’s hair… I have lots of experience and little actual technique know-how. I am very much a “learn by doing” type of person. I can operate that way because I am of the school of thought that “oh well it will always grow back”. I have never really been nervous about anything I decide to do to my hair. I have grown it long, permed it, colored it, cut it really short and everything in-between. I think everyone should be as daring and carefree as me when it comes to hair. Not always the case: my sister Sarah was mad at me for a week when we were young because I cut her hair and she thought it was too short (she had pretty long hair and I cut a few inches off to a bit past her sholders) – it was really just what she asked for. She eventually decided she liked it and thanked me, but I never volunteered to cut her hair again. hee-hee. She has since lightened up greatly about her hair and done all sorts of great and daring cuts.

I have always loved doing hair. I think it started with my Barbie when I was a girl. I was constantly styling her hair in some funky new do, though I was not one to cut a Barbie’s hair -Sacriledge!! When I decided I wanted to learn how to french braid I would draft my two younger sisters to be my guinea pigs. I love curling irons, crimping irons, flat irons, curlers, all hair styling implements really. It is a rule in my home that you can’t leave the house without your hair done, ask anyone in my family, even my sweet husband can attest to my nagging!

I love doing my girl’s hair. Although Paige won’t let me have free reign anymore -sad for me… And Chloe has the most sensitive head I have ever seen, and pulls out what I do most of the time anyway. She likes her long curls down and apparently it doesn’t bother her to have hair in her face. Her curls are stinking cute though.

So Paige wanted her hair cut yesterday. I decided to look up online how to cut hair. I figured what the heck, let’s actually do it right, especially since her hair is getting nice and thick, (lucky girl). I don’t have much experience with youtube, but lo and behold you can learn all about hair cutting there! I watched this 6 minute video and I was ready to go!

Here is a fun slideshow of Paige’s haircut!

I cut it then straightened it with my new flat iron (that I love). I think it turned out pretty cute. I truly enjoy cutting and styling hair. Maybe I should take some more youtube courses, I’ll just need some more guinea pigs…


One thought on “hair cutting 101

  1. katie

    paigey looks great! i’ve never beeen so daring as the rest of you when it comes to hair cutting. . . and the few times i have, i’ve needed professional assistance before i’d go out in public. . .


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