signs that say, “hey, I’m a MOM!”

I was sitting here spending too much time on the computer, and I noticed that my left arm is noticeably tanner than my right. I can only contribute that to the amount of time I spend in the car driving my kids to and fro… So I started thinking about all the signs that say “I am a MOM” Here is my list:

– Your clothes are a bit out of date because you just had to buy 3 new wardrobes for the season because your kids just won’t stop growing, even though they claim that you never feed them due to their opinion that “there is nothing to eat!”

-Your clothes consist mainly of t-shirts and jeans , because you need ease and comfort for the “Mom job”. And you look longingly at all the cute “higher maintenance” clothes, but realistically where would you wear that?

-You have two looks, the before school look: which is the “I just rolled out of bed at the last minute to get as much sleep as possible, yet still have time to do my daughters’ hair, and monitor the getting ready process, making sure my kids look presentable, though I really do not, and I hope I don’t somehow run into that person I went to high school with and they will see what I have become… And you have the after school look: when you get to redeem yourself from your morning look and show people that you do know what a brush is and you know how to use it.

-You drive a minivan. I must say on this note, when I was younger I vowed to never drive a minivan on principle alone, I was going to be too hip for that. Well I came over to the dark side, really when you are a mom, can you beat the room and ease of a minivan? NO! Shout it loud and proud I say.

-You carry a big purse, if you have made it out of the diaper bag stage. You need room to carry all the rigamarole that you may need. In said purse you will find, snacks (for the cranky person in the minivan-usually you) , a cell phone (you need to take advantage of this time driving around to make all your calls, and in doing such become a hazard on the road) wallet, checkbook, makeup bag (so that before school you can at least have lip gloss on), sunglasses (these go a long way in disguising the before school look, hide the bags under your eyes, or use as a headband, viola!) a book or magazine to read while waiting for kids, and a planner to go over all the to do lists.

I am sure there are more things I will think of later… being a mom also drains your brain so that you can’t remember the name of the lady you have known your whole life when you run into her at the grocery store, and then later when you are driving your minivan around after picking up the kids, you suddelnly shout out “MARIA!” and everyone in the van looks at you like you have lost your mind…

Being a mom is the best job in the world, and the biggest challenge I have ever faced, and I have faced many challenges let me tell you. It is just that raising kids has such enormous and lasting effects, it is constant, changing and frustrating at times (well a lot of the time with my lot). I was always so confident growing up because I was always told that I would be such a great Mom. Well being in the thick of it has certainly opened my eyes, it is a lot of work, and I don’t really think that I am doing the best sometimes. I think that that is just the nature of the job. I just have to remind myself to enjoy it, to see the kids for who they really are and find the good they do. I mean really the things they do are so hilarious sometimes…Dillon has the funniest warped sense of humor, straight from my side of the family.

So there you go, my diatribe on the joys of motherhood, now I must go take my multi-colored arms and put them to use with some housework. Have a great day!!


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