“it’s always worse before it gets better”

Why? Why does this always have to be? I mean I understand the rationality of it… but I don’t have to like it. I am referring in this instance to organizing my home. It is annoying that to get something to end up in a better overall state, you have to initally make it 10x worse to get to where you want to go. Our bedroom is in the “worse” state right now, I’m hoping the getting better starts happening real soon. I guess it is to be expected when you have too much stuff, which I am ready to donate it all to charity and start with a clean slate, if only I had the money to then fill my slate with the desired objects…. I guess I am stuck sorting through my stuff.
You know what the worst is? It is when you know you have out of town company coming over, so you feel that your house has to be spotless, so you are super-cleaning everything, and while you are in that mode, you think, “I might as well organize this cupboard while I am at it”. BAD MOVE! You then of course have this new unnecessary big mess to deal with when you are stressed about how much left of the whole house you have to still clean… I have done this many a time and still can’t learn my lesson. I just get in the cleaning mode and can’t control myself, and I usually end up paying for it with a very sore back!


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