fall is here, I hope it stays around for a while!

Cool weather, fires in the fireplace, sweaters, clouds and rain, baking apple pie, snuggling under quilts. I am ready for fall! It seems to have hit these last few days, and it is lovely. We had to turn on the fireplace for the first time and I love it! We had the first rain in ages last nite, and it is supposed to be a rainy cool day today. Fall means pretty trees, and the start of the holiday season for me.

I love Halloween. It disturbes me how gory it is getting though, but in my world halloween is cute costumes, carved pumpkins, fun and fanciful decorations and lots of goodies and fun. We love to go to apple hill every year and pick out our pumpkins. And when we carve them I always roast the seeds for a special treat for Scott. I make delicious caramel apples with chocolate swirled on them, and I seem to spend a lot of time getting my kids costumes for the year. I ask what they want to be and then the hunt begins. I try to find a good quality one or make it myself. It is all about the costumes. I don’t go for the cheapie store bought ones, homemade is always better in my book. Scott and I love to go to the Halloween stores and see all the fun stuff there, but now a days we have to be picky about the stores we go to, some are all about the gruesome evil stuff, yuck, keep it away from me.

My dream is to have a halloween/fall party at our house, Hay bales in the yard, warm chili or stew, pumpkin carving and delicious desserts. We would have games for the kids and great decorations and fun for all. That is my dream, maybe someday I will actually do it.

So Halloween, then Thanksgiving and before you know it Chirstmas! It is a great and exciting time of year! I always love it when Fall comes.


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