fact of life #195,793,848: cameras don’t like water.

The good news is that my memory card still has all it’s pictures on it that I took over the last week on my trip to Arizona for a Porter family reunion. The bad news is that my camera joined my laundry for a spin around Grandma Porter’s washing machine!! Hmmmm.

Because of the camera situation I will wait to post about the reunion trip to AZ when I figure out how to get my pictures downloaded straight from the memory card…

The rest of this week is all about catching up with my life, all the things that I put on hold for a week while I played in AZ. This week is also about losing the extra weight I put on eating 3 full meals a day courtesy of Grandma Porter. (wow, so much good food, way too much good food)

So since I’m not saying much today, here are a couple of web games to entertain you!

superman returns: try to take a picture of superman!

flying gonzo!!


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