sniff, sniff, sniiiiiffff

No I don’t have a cold, I was just thinking of all the good smells in the world. Here is a list of some of my favorites:

my little girls freshly washed hair

something baking in the oven; cookies, cake, pie, manicotti

wet dirt and or pavement from a sudden rain shower

cut grass

irrigation of grandpa’s back lawn (I’ll explain that at a later date)

mini carnations and daffodills, lillys too… ooh! and lilacs and jasmine….

fabreeze (love the stuff)


the ocean

sugar pines


my husbands cologne, (actually I love his natural smell more, but it tickles his neck when I want a whiff)

the redwood forests

clean towels

lemon wood polish

wood fires in the fireplace

new books

fresh cut citrus

There are just so many smells around, and so many of them are good. So what are your favorite smells?


One thought on “sniff, sniff, sniiiiiffff

  1. katie

    you got my top four- dirt after rain, wood fires and fresh sawdust. reminds me of home and dad. lilacs- remind me of home and mom. other two favorites: plumeria (oh, hawaii. . .) and cinnamon and water boiling on the stove.

    i want to hear about grandpa’s irrigation. did chloe go nuts splashing around back there? ruth would have gone absolutely insane.


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