I’m so glad when daddy comes home


I was just realizing that at any moment Scott will be pulling into the driveway and I started singing that song, and realized that it is still applicable!

I’m so glad when daddy comes home, glad as I can be

clap my hands and shout for joy, and climb upon his knee (well….)

put my arms around his neck, hug him tight like this,

pat his cheeks (hmmm, that might be annoying if I do it) and give him what?, a GREAT BIG KISS!!

I am so glad that I have a husband that I look forward to being with. Scott is my perfect match, no doubt about it. It is so amazing how great we are for each other, and how much fun we have. Alas, as life seems to always get busier and busier I find that we need more quality time together. I must remember to not let life get in the way of the most important things. We have been mega home bodies lately. There is nothing wrong with that, unless you get stuck in a rut ie: too much tv and computer. I have been thinking today that I need to generate some cheap date ideas (that pesky budget you know), so I have been remembering what we like to do. Some of our favorite things to do are:

  • see movies
  • eat out
  • go on walks
  • play catch
  • ride bikes
  • browse book stores
  • watch our favorite tv shows
  • play games (board games, card games)
  • gardening – and going to nurseries
  • bowling
  • tennis
  • amusement parks and fairs
  • visit apple hill
  • garage sales and flea markets
  • browse antique stores on Main street

Now a lot of this list is things we have done before, but maybe not for a while. But looking it over, I really want to start doing these more often! Many of them don’t cost much either.

Some things I want to try are

  • hiking
  • reading a book together
  • horse shoes ( i found out on my trip to AZ that I am real bad at this, it would be fun to get a set and practice up, I don’t know what I’d be practicing for exactly, but it is fun!)
  • badminton

I’m sure now that I have put this on my radar, I will be coming up with all sorts of things to do. Now we just have to plan and do!! I’ll let you know how it goes…


One thought on “I’m so glad when daddy comes home

  1. katie

    you’d be practicing for the next family reunion so you can emabarass the rest of us with your mad horseshoe throwing skills. do it!

    i love reading books with chip. haven’t done it in years (time and all) but the first one we read together was “where the red fern grows.” bawled my eyeballs out while driving through the sierra nevadas on our way home for chip to meet the family for the first time. aww, now i want to read a book with chip again. . .


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