stamp collecting??

I never saw the draw. Stamps? But last year I was at the post office and bought some really cute stamps that I didn’t want to use!, I wanted to keep them. Then I was at the flea market this spring and I picked up this really cute stamp album, and a couple of bags of stamps that looked kind of fun, interesting anyway. Hmmm… should I pull out the pocket protector now? I’ve collected things before, I have a large baking pan collection, I love stationary supplies (you never know when you have an urgent need to pen a card to someone…) I have a cook book collection, and tons of cookie cutters too… I have a collection of vintage buttons, but I’m not sure if that counts since I bought them all together one time – at the flea market of course. I have lots of collections, but most of them are useful, yes stamps are useful, but that means using them… We do have beach rock and shell collections, and those are just fun to look at and remember. I just never saw the sense of collecting stamps, until they got cute. Now they have these fun Disney art stamps and some Star Wars stamps too. I wonder if this is a passing phase or now that I am aware of stamps, will I be able to resist collecting?

you can still buy these at the usps site, or at your local post office, get ’em before there gone and you have to pay more on ebay…

I want these these:

I think this might stem from my sticker collecting as a child. My mom had this collection of all these great stickers and it was a happy day when we got to use some. I had various stickers now and then, but never as good as one summer when I was by myself down in Arizona visiting my Grandparents and cousins (probably to get my teeth worked on). I must have been around the age of 10 or so. I had some money and bought these jumbo scratch and sniff stickers, a whole bunch of them. They were awesome, individual stickers that were about 3-4 inches each. They were of various food items, fruit, popcorn, candy, etc… I had them in a bag along with a set of markers and some gum and candy. It was seriously a treasure trove of goodies, the best I ever had all at once in one location. Well, the bag went missing out of my drawer at my Grandma and Grandpa’s house. I couldn’t understand where I put it. I knew I had it in that drawer. I looked and looked and looked, and never found it. It was only a few years ago that I realized that my stinking cousins must have snatched it. YOU KNOW WHO YOU ARE!!! CONFESS!! Obviously I am still not over it, it was such a blow… I think I will go cry now… (no, I don’t think my cousins still stink, really, but it must have been one of them, unless grandpa just had to get his hands on my scratch and sniffs…)


One thought on “stamp collecting??

  1. katie

    i’m dying to find out who took it. come on thief, free yourself.

    also, i have several friends who collect old vintage stamps and they are amazing. you have to use 12 per letter now, but they look so fantastic. usually saved for invitations or special occassion cards. i’ve considered getting into it b/c i covet their stamps (especially at christmas time) but have resisted so far.


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