home made goodness: wheat bread


“It’s a rainy day, it’s a rainy day, it’s a rainy day today…

It’s a rainy day and I can’t go out and play, ’cause it’s a rainy day today….”

Yet another wonderful tune from my childhood, Janeen Brady I think,

Anyway, the point is that it is a cold rainy fall day, and that means homemade wheat bread is on the menu!! I got a new recipe from Grandma Porter while in AZ, and bought the fancy ingredients for it and tried it out yesterday. It is good! The recipe comes from Shar’s Kitchen. (Click for the recipe.) Really good. Shar’s website is all about the Bosch mixer. I own a Kitchen Aid and it did just fine with the recipe, I may cut it to 75% though, it FILLED my mixer to the max.


So I was just looking around on the web at some Janeen Brady music listings and my song is not there. I am now thinking that it is a song I may have made up and put to another songs tune… “I’m a VIP”. At any rate I love Janeen Brady music and have plans to purchase this one soon for my daughter to enjoy, and I can relive the songs all over again. “Hear the wind blow blow, hear the wind blow blow…..”


8 thoughts on “home made goodness: wheat bread

  1. katie

    ya, i think you made that one up. . . if it ever turns into fall weather here (i.e. below the horrible 80+ we’ve been having for weeks now) i’ll make that bread.

    we love “mr wind is a mischief” around here.

  2. jeanielangdon Post author

    no… Erin and Dave have Mom and Dad’s, so I go use it over there when I need some of my wheat ground… I am contemplating getting a kitchen aid attachment for it, but I just don’t know if it will work as well as the good ‘ol kitchen mill.

  3. megan

    Sweet! I have been thinking about trying to make wheat bread, but had not yet discovered a really good recipe. Bobby keeps informing me though, that it won’t be very good with my store bought wheat flour, because we don’t have a grinder either (But I’m going to try it with the cheater flour anyway!)

  4. Sarah

    Wow this might be bad blogging ettiquette (spelling on that?) #1 not to check your sister’s blog for weeks, #2 to post comments on posts that are weeks old, obnoxious at least, sorry. BUT you did not make up “I’m a VIP” it’s one of our favorites, it is in the books I snatched from our childhood collection, and it’s a good one. “I’m a VIP in our famileeeeeee, and that’s a pretty good thing to be. A very important person, a very important person, a very important person, that’s me”

  5. Sarah

    I’m a dork, you meant the rainy day song…..duh yeah never heard of that one, good thing this post is way old and no one will see this comment, is that true? Why am I way out of the internet loop?

    1. jeanielangdon Post author

      “Hear the wind blow blow, hear the wind blow blow. Hear it moan, hear it groan, hear it cry. See the trees bend low, hear the wind blow blow, aren’t you glad we are safe inside?”
      Here is a link to buy the book with the sheet music, digital downloads and a CD: I have as song for you vol. 1


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