my winged frustration

This year Chloe and her cousin Abby have decided to be ladybugs. I always like making costumes when I can, so I thought, no problem, I can look up how to make wings, they can wear black clothes and I will make little red and black tutus, and do some fancy face paint and done! Not so easy. I found a great “how to” for wing making and set out to gather the supplies. UGGG! No one carries 9 guage aluminium wire that supposedly I can “pick up at my local hardware store”, and red queen size nylons just don’t exist. Ok, so I get off-white nylons, we can use fabric paint and that will be fine. I also have to look up a different set of instructions that call for different wire, ok, I find 14 guage galvanized steel wire. Should be cake now right? NO WAY JOSE!! I guess the nylons are not cheap enough to stretch that big around the wire frame I made, so my wings ends up looking like a pair of legs in off-white nylons, not the look I was going for. So FORGET IT, ebay- save me now. I find on ebay ladybug wings that also come with a ladybug wand for only $2 a set, and she has 3 sets!, PERFECT, the auction ends in an hour and I bid on two sets, win, and my ladybug wings are on the way.

I am all for DIY projects, but sometimes it is not worth the time, expense and frustration to actually Do It Yourself! I am still making their tutus, and we are practicing face painting today, so I feel just fine not making my own wings, the whole point was to save money and have a great set of wings, but the ebay wings are actually cheaper even with shipping than the money I wasted on the wire and nylons. Anyone have and good project ideas involving 14 guage wire??


One thought on “my winged frustration

  1. katie

    “legs in off-white nylons” ha! sounds like there’s plenty of DIY involved in their costume- they’ll be perfect. and how cute is it that they want to match?!


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