saturday morning projects

This morning I decided to use some of my new found energy, thanks to a normal blood count (yay!) so I did a couple of sewing projects.


This is a cute pillowcase bag. I got the idea from Martha Stewart, here. The pillowcase came from Target, on clearance even, it had a different pattern on each side, so it was perfect for this project!


Ages ago I bought Chloe a little travel size pillow for her little bed (that she is almost too big for now), I had great plans to make a pillowcase, and here it finally is!

I guess it is just a pillowcase project kind of day.


2 thoughts on “saturday morning projects

  1. megan

    I love that little purse. I used to have one that I got in Thailand and I used it until I thrashed it and kept thinking that it wouldn’t be too hand to make one, but hadn’t thought about it enough to figure out how. It is very cute!


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