so many things… so little time?

As I browse around on the net I am always coming across things I want to know how to do. Most of them are creative skills that I want to learn. Here is a list of my latest interests:

Amigurumi – I guess I will need to learn how to crochet for this to come to fruition. I have supplies and books on crochet, I just need to take the time to do it!


Aren’t they cute, and I would love to be able to make this doll

I first got interested in crochet because of this salad scarf created by Twinkie Chan. She crochets lots of fun food type scarves and things. Unfortunately she has a big following and her scarves go for hundreds on ebay. I just like to see what she has created and think that someday when I learn how to crochet I can do that too!

Altered playing cards – As I have said before, I am not into scrapbooking, but this looks about my speed. I could create little mini scrapbooks and fun things. I love how this set is done, with the box and everything…

Embroidery – I have actually started this one a bit. It makes a good “general conference” project. I came across a super cute free elf pattern here from Wee Wonderfuls.

I want a Button Making Machine!! – The I could make lots of buttons, key chains, magnets, pocket mirrors… and they could say all sorts of fun things. This is the one I want from Button Makers (or maybe the 2 inch one…)  Then I could be all sorts of creative!


One thought on “so many things… so little time?

  1. Sarah

    Jeanie, wow how do you find all this fun stuff, I only go on line to check my email, bank account and ebay, how boring. And your blog (not often enough)… that is soo funny (wierd not haha) I JUST finished making Bryce a crocheted monkey for Christmas (he is so cute- the monkey that is, well Bryce too) and Leesie wanted a doll, I am going to make the one you linked, it is perfect! THANK YOU


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