stress reduction

As you know I am a sucker for lists and organization, so in my online quest for organization (it actually started with menu planning) I came across these sites: It starts today Oct 21st with a countdown of to-do stuff to help make the holidays easy and stress free. It has all sorts of printables and ideas. It doesn’t forget the current holidays either, it has halloween and thanksgiving helps too. Check it out. It has LISTS! I love lists, I get to just print these and check things off, it is calling to me…

MeckMom: great ideas and lots of printables and lists… this is a site just for making to-do lists in a fun tag-cloud kind of way, love it.


One thought on “stress reduction

  1. katie

    so you and i must be trading energy levels- all i can do is barely function and then sleep sleep sleep. and seems like you’ve got crazy energy (three posts in two days!)

    i’m checking out that christmas site right now, i always push things off and then am ticked when i’m not ready for it. maybe this is the year things change. . .

    also- the bag and pillowcase look so so great!!


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