pancakes are fun

If you do them this way!;


dsc03686jpg.jpg dsc03687jpg.jpg

Check out Chloe’s cool headband, Rockin’!

I got this idea from MeckMom. Worked perfectly. I had the bottles left over from a previous craft and they are great. I actually looked for ketchup bottles at dollar tree (they didn’t have any this time), before I remembered I had these! I made a P for Paige, a C for Chloe and a K for Kaylie (who slept over with Paige). I made hearts, flowers, stars and a few silver dollars too. Pancakes are Fun!

(ok, I don’t know what the heck is up with wordpress today, it is being very cranky with the photos, if you just get the photo name and no photo, click on it, it should come up. I will try to fix it later when I am not so annoyed!!)


3 thoughts on “pancakes are fun

  1. Sarah

    Jean, these are awesome, I just saw an idea for halloween to make spider web pancakes and this method would work beautifully (bootifully I should say, har-de-har har) I think I shall do it on Wed. morning. Yes I shall. And you should too.

  2. Mom

    I loved this idea – I’m going to have to pass it on to Papa so his pancakes don’t get left in the dust!!! Love ya


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