Chloe and cousin Abby are two cute little ladybugs !


These are the tutu’s I made


Paige and cousin Kaylie are fabulous gypsies.


I made the corset Paige is wearing, didn’t get a real good picture of it…


Dillon is a pirate and cousin Mason is Ronald Weasley.

I couldn’t pin Dillon down on a costume, and at the last minute he found out what Mason was going to be and said that he wanted to be Harry Potter to match… I was really annoyed because that would have been awesome, but since he waited till the LAST minute I didn’t have time to get the costume … sigh… Oh well…
Here is cousin Claire and her friend “Bean”

They were butterfly fairies and they recruited me to paint their faces, turned out so cute!!


Cousin Ava was convinced at the last minute to dress up, or else she wouldn’t get candy!



Cousin Grant, so cute!


WAY too much candy, sheesh…


Pumpkin carving. Chloe actually cut her’s herself! I outlined a face and she cut it out, pretty good huh! (Hers is the far left – notice the wonky eye, she said it was it’s tears…)



3 thoughts on “Costumes

  1. Sarah

    Wow Jeanie, I didn’t know you had face painting skills like that?!? Good work, that’s amazing, what a talent! You should hire yourself out, you could, cause you’re that good! I love that everyone had matching costumes! Dillon should have been Harry Potter!

  2. katie

    jeanie!! are you kidding me with that amazing face painting???!!! seriously, how did you get those skills? i’m serious, i want to know because i want them. i don’t think i’ve ever seen prettier face painting than claire- and you did it again with her friend! i’m amazed and envious. the gypsies are perfect (love the lizard on the shoulder!) and i’m sad dillon wasn’t harry, although i am SO SO happy that mason was ronald- he’s perfect! but he makes a good pirate too.

  3. Mom

    Fabulous Halloween !!! I REALLY missed our annual dinner at the Mexican restaurant on Main Street where Dad & I would watch all the kids in costumes do the Main Street trick or treat. I just loved how excited we ALL got when the grandkids would go by and we would see each other… we all about split with joy. Fun times. Sarah was right… your face painting skills have gotten to the PROFESSIONAL level! There’s a money-making idea for fair time or other PV events! Hmmmm. We’ll talk more about the possibilities there… love ya.


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