it’s DANCE DANCE Baby!!


Ok, so yes I am a 34 year old mother of three and I love Dance, Dance Revolution. I had my husband get it for me a couple of Christmases ago. I have two deluxe floor pads and the xbox version and I love it. Admittedly I don’t get it out very often. But when I do, it is all about the dancing for a few days. Great exercise too! Once I get started, I have to make myself stop, I guess people need to eat around here…

My husband wonders why in the world it is called “dancing” when if you were to pull those moves on any regular dance floor you would look spastic.

I am getting Paige into it too. So now we can Dance Dance together! After having it for so long you would think I would be really good, but as I mentioned I don’t pull it out too often, but I can say that I have passed beginner and am in the “light” category, and on some easy songs I can almost do the “standard” moves. Highly entertaining.

I think this all started with Parappa the Rapper, remember that game? My sister and brother in law had it and it was fun times.


Never was much of a good rapper, I usually was rappin’ bad and awful, and the onion head guy would say “AGAIN!”


4 thoughts on “it’s DANCE DANCE Baby!!

  1. katie

    parappa tha rappa! oh i loved that game, kick punch kick kick kick. what else did he say?

    i have never been lamer than when trying to do DDR in nebraska for the first time while 7 months pregnant at the local arcade/bowling alley. maybe i’ll practice next time i’m at your place. you can give me some tips.

  2. megan

    You have dance dance? How did I not know this? i would have busted it out with you the last time I was there! I love it and am horifically bad at it, which really makes it all the more fun. My sister got it for Christmas a couple years ago and we played it for hours while her 4 children watched and made fun of how lame the adults were. It was great!


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