jeanie-us interruptus

I am such an interrupter. It is a horrible habit. I am having a conversation with someone and I interrupt to say something. I know when I am doing it and I cringe inwardly, but then I do it again two seconds later. Where did this habit come from? I’m thinking maybe it developed from when the women in my family get together, a lot of the time it is interrupt or you won’t get a chance to speak, we all have so much to say when we get going. But that is no excuse. I know more than once I have driven my poor husband crazy with it, sorry sweetie! I am trying to be more aware of it, and hopefully reign it in… in the meanwhile, when I do it to you please forgive me and know that I am working on it!!

So this post isn’t a complete waste of space here is a bit of random information: A list of words that are synonymous with interrupt:

arrest, barge in, break, break in, break off, bust in*, butt in*, check, chime in*, come between, crash, crowd in, cut, cut off*, cut short*, defer, delay, disconnect, discontinue, disjoin, disturb, disunite, divide, edge in, halt, heckle, hinder, hold up, horn in, impede, in, infringe, inject, insinuate, intrude, lay aside, obstruct, prevent, punctuate, put in, separate, sever, shortstop*, stay, stop, suspend, work in, worm
* = informal or slang

Hmmm, none of those sound to good when applied to my bad habit, I will really have to work harder on it. OK, new goal for the week, stop interrupting. I will report on how I have done next week, wish me luck!


2 thoughts on “jeanie-us interruptus

  1. Mom

    Sorry, Nini – you were cursed with that trait from MY side of the family! A good habit to break – especially when a few years ago I read that one of the top indicators to potential heart attack victims is interrupting others! Yipes. I’m dead for sure!

  2. Sarah

    I sat reading your entry, nodding my head the whole way through! I feel like I’m the worst interrupter ever. And I hate it, and I’ve never noticed your interrupting, probably because I’m too busy interrupting. Or thinking about what I’m going to say next time I interrupt you. And you can guess how fun it is to interrupt Eric, he never lets you get away with it and makes a big deal about it. No fun.


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