Today we took advantage of a day off and went to Black Chasm Cavern. It is this awesome natural cave in Volcano, about an hour from our house. The cave was really amazing. We climbed down all these staircases into this large cavern, about 1000 feet below ground. We all loved it.



After the cave tour we spent the afternoon in Jackson. We walked around the historic main street, ate lunch and browsed the stores. There is this really great used book store there, with a million books, very fun.


4 thoughts on “spelunking

  1. Bobby

    now I know volcano, but I don’t know no “Black Chasm”… Looks Awesome… makes me wish i would’ve been more adventurous back there… its always funny how people (myself included) always seem to think that there is nothing to do.. and that I have to get away (sometimes far away) to “Do” anything.. Good Job on breakin outa that Jeanie!! looks fun

  2. jeanielangdon Post author

    This particular cave/cavern wasn’t open to the public until the year 2000. But there are other caves over there also, I haven’t been to any of them yet…


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