no time no time!!

I am having my “stressful trying to get everything done in the way of Christmas gifts” week, this week, BECAUSE my parents are here for Thanksgiving and I want to have my gifts for them and my sisters family done so I can send home with them and save myself the ordeal and cost of shipping. So without revealing all the fun things I am doing, I’ll just say that I have been busy creating. I am very pleased with the results so far, minus one foible (a rice filled heat/cool pack shaped like an old fashioned water bottle, that didn’t sew up too well and didn’t reach my gift standards so I sacked it as a present and just gave to Mom today. (if you are interested the tutorial is here) So I have made it passed the hard parts now I am just finishing up, just in time to start baking for Thanksgiving. I think I will take this next weekend off from doing anything productive, although now that I am thinking of it we have our Young Women In Excellence program coming up next week, and I have stuff to prepare for that… ugg.. NO TIME!!

It’s all good though cause it is a good kind of busy, where you can see what you have accomplished and enjoy the feeling.

It is also all good because my Dad is splitting the kids room into two separate rooms and I am SoOOOO happy about that. Paige and Dill really need their own rooms, and this is going to be so awesome. Dad is the best!!! I am seriously ecstatic!!! I will post pictures soon of the progress, although I am just realizing that I didn’t take a before picture, DUH! Oh well, I will have in-between and after pics…

So my original intent for this post was to say that I have not had time to write a real post, and I was going to post something fun and entertaining. And even though I did have something to write I will post it anyway. I love this video, so fun and entertaining (as afore mentioned)… when I watch it I just think of how long it took them to choreograph it and then film it all in one shot without messing up!! Two thumbs up!!


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