Ok I am annoyed! I just got phished in my email and I almost fell for it! I got an email supposedly from paypal and it was confirming a 149.95 charge for some computer something or other. At the bottom of the email it had a button to dispute the charge and get an instant refund. So naturally I clicked it, I mean, an un-authorized charge on my paypal account!!, Ahhh!, immediate stress right! So the button redirected me to the “paypal login screen” (seriously, it is an exact replica) SO I log in and it takes me to a page that I need to fill in to verify my identity. This page asks for my name, address, phone number, credit card information (including security code) my social security number and my mothers maiden name!!! This is where I finally started to get suspicious, I mean why would I enter my credit card info?, I made no purchase… So I then opened another page and went to I logged in there and there was nothing showing this supposed transaction. It was then that I noticed that the other “paypal” website had some wacky address, not!! Also the email they sent me was addressed to “dear client”, and paypal always uses my full name. The log in screen on the fake paypal page was a perfect replica except that none of the things you click will take you anywhere (only the log in works). Sooo after all that, I looked up on the real site what to do and it just said to forward the email to them. They replied verifying that it was indeed a “phishing email” PHEW!! I almost sent all my info! I mean I was real panicked! I am hoping all they got from me was my login password, (which I immediately changed). BEWARE there are nasty phishers out there. I mean I had heard of them before but this has never come my way. They totally prey on your panicking and wanting to act quickly, I am just glad my brain kicked in before I got in to some real trouble!  I will be extra cautious and wary now.

If you want any more info on phishing emails, my friends Brett and Jedd Winn have a site called “What You Ought To Know” that among many other things talks about them. (they are funny and informative!)


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