hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

Today is “Black Friday” (or was, rather) and my sister in law and I were up at 3:00 to head down the hill to shop our heads off. It was fun. We stood in line at Toys R Us and drank hot chocolate with cinnamon (so so good, why have I never heard of that or done it?), we chatted with fellow early risers with a feeling of comraderie, sharing in the common madness of getting up that early to shop, …good times. We hit many stores, some with crazy lines, (Kohls- an hour and a half!! – every year we swear to never go there again), and we were a good team! Over all we did very well. I have 95% of my shopping done. I moslty just have my projects left to do.

After hours of retail intensity and the hunt of the best deals Erin and I headed to the nail shop and indulged in pedicures for our well used and abused feet, it was wonderful! (my toes are “ruby slipper” red! -love it!) We have added that new piece to our annual “Black Friday” outing tradition. I must say that for years I was one of the people who stayed home thinking all those people were crazy, until Erin converted me to the insanity, and for a shop-a-holic like me it is really fun.

So on a side note: we had a great Thanksgiving feast and it was so so so so so so so GOOD! ( I am just kidding on the side note comment, of course Thanksgiving is the main event, and it was all wonderful!) And for dinner we only forgot to put out the yummy jello salad, something always seems to be forgotten what with the mass amounts of food! It was fantastic to have Dad and Mom in town. They had to hit the road right after we ate, and since we ate a little early we all went to see a movie in the afternoon. We saw Enchanted, and it was funny because they were spoofing their own “fairy tale” stories the whole time, it was cute and fun, everyone had a good time.

I hope you had a fantastic week and remembered all you are thankful for. I am excited for this time of year, and can’t believe it is here all ready!!


One thought on “hope you had a great Thanksgiving!

  1. Mom

    Good read. I DID miss the jello, about 5 hours later, as I was driving home! I wondered why that time honored tradition was omitted! We were so stuffed we didn’t eat the “pie-to-go” until 6 hours after the meal. Good food – thanks again to you and Erin. Love ya!


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