santa’s crafty little helper

I am enjoying my crafty projects coming to fruition. Some projects I have postponed or just dumped, and I have found new ones to do. The latest one I am so excited about is; I am going to make this doll from Wee Wonderfuls and adapt it into the nativity story. I am making Mary, Joseph, Jesus (and Manger) Shepard, 3 Wisemen, Angel, two little Sheep, Donkey, Cow and a Camel (with two humps and all). It is really ambitious, and may end up being a project I add a few pieces to every year. We’ll see how easy it is.

I am about half way through with my home mades for Christmas, then as soon as the season is over I have a whole new list of stuff I want to make! Here are some of the stinking cute things I want to do:

bath mat -I am feeling the need to redo my bathroom again.

felt barrettes

headbands and ribbon headbands -cause my head is bigger than average and I will have to make my own to size so I can actually wear them with out a super-headache

flannel board I have a cheapy one, I am going to make a nice one (inspired by my sis Kate, and all her fantastic felt play pieces!) and then I will make a set of felt figures each month… (big talk…)

millinery hat -see above comment on size issue

gumdrop pillows -soo awesome, probably for Paige’s room.

ribbon tassels -not sure what I want them for, they are just fun…

sewing machine cover -need it


3 thoughts on “santa’s crafty little helper

  1. Mom

    Okay – I’m sold on this project. (Isn’t it me?!!!?) Next time we’re together, you’ll have to walk me thru it… I find I’m more “direction-deficient” as I get older and need the live demo! Love ya more than I can ever say!


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