Well today is random. I have a lot on my mind and I feel kinda behind…

Today I am putting away the fall decor and pulling out Christmas, I think I will feel a bit better when I do. I will play Christmas music and drink egg nog with my family.

It is a rainy sort of day here, I’m enjoying it, it suits my mood. I walked around my yard this morning and here is what I found:


Pretty huh.

This morning while Chloe is at preschool I am going to make her a sock monkey. This came about because on Thanksgiving Day we were at my brothers familys house and my sister in law and I were planning out our attack for Black Friday shopping. We had the kids writing letters to Santa to make sure we were getting something they wanted. Well Chloe has been talking about getting a princess Cinderella Castle for a while, so that was in the letter. She also wants some my little ponies. She then started looking around the room and writing down what she saw. That included a mermaid barbie, and a monkey doll. No prob on the mermaid doll, they were even on sale, but I thought she would just forget about the monkey doll. No such luck. Every time she talks about Santa, she mentions the castle, mermaid doll, a my little pony, and a MONKEY DOLL! Aaallll riiight! So, I decided to make a totally awesome sock monkey using this tutorial. It will not be your typical sock monkey, I found some pink and fuschia striped knee highs to make it out of. So this monkey is going to have long ‘ol legs, arms and tail. It will be fantastic and I know I will love it, and I hope she loves it too. I know it is not quite the monkey she has in mind, but it is what Santa is bringing… I will post a pic of it when I finish it, hopefully in just a bit!


2 thoughts on “today

  1. Mom

    Hi – How beautiful your flowers are. You and Scott have brought a lot of beauty to your home and property! It’s always fun to visit and see what’s new – I’m always so pleasantly surprised at any season of the year. Your Dad commented again when we left last month what a nice feeling you have created in your home. (A huge compliment!!!) Keep it up – you inspire us. Love ya.


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