Christmas is coming

Here is what I have been doing:



Christmas decorations are a go people, repeat we have decor…


These 3D snowflakes are awesome, and fun to make. You can learn how to HERE.



This is a wooden Nativity puzzle I painted. I usually don’t go in for “toll painting” but these are so cute and simple, LOVE IT




I am ahead of the game this year, yet I still feel that there is just not enough time left before Christmas!  I guess as usual I will relax after Christmas, you know, just take some time off from the schedule!!


6 thoughts on “Christmas is coming

  1. Sarah

    Jeanie, THANK YOU x a million!!! The nativity is one of my new favorite possessions. I LOVE IT. Mom finally gave it to us last night, when we were over for her birthday. I like the snowflakes, I think I will have to figure those out!

  2. megan

    Ditto on everything that Katie and Sarah said. That is a pretty great nativity puzzle- and now I have a project for Bobby and I- figuring out those snowflakes- I’m sure he won’t be as excited as I will be for him!

  3. Laura Fisher

    I was wondering if I could find out where you purchased your nativity puzzle to paint. I had one as a kid and would love to get one for my own children!



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