just don’t make me go near him…

Chloe is soooo into Santa this year. It is kind of fun how she believes with out a doubt. She just won’t go anywhere near him.

We had a ward Christmas party last Saturday, Chloe was an Angel in the Nativity play…


Santa came and she would only get close enough to get the candy cane! (Notice Scott holding her there) I thought she was old enough to not be afraid, last year she sat on his lap no problem. Oh well…..

This particular Santa was a little “rough” anyway, I just wanted to take a comb to the beard, it looked like Santa had an encounter with a tornado on his way down from the North Pole!


Today at preschool Santa came again… THIS Santa was AWESOME, real beard, super fancy costume, the whole deal, and Chloe would get no where near him. I ended up sitting on his lap with Chloe in my lap, her head buried in my neck. So much for that picture… maybe next year? Don’t get me wrong, I am not so into having a picture with the kids on Santa’s lap per se, I just thought Chloe would be more enthusiastic, since she is always asking when Santa is coming. (Maybe she is just interested in the goods!) Although she is very curious about the Reindeer. She was telling me she was going to watch them land today… and the other night she was perplexed that she didn’t hear them on the roof.


One thought on “just don’t make me go near him…

  1. Sarah

    Last year the kids left some carrots out for the reindeer and they were very excited to find little bits of carrots left over on the front porch when they went outside Christmas afternoon. I got to overhear a priceless conversation between Ethan and Mia about where Santa had parked his sleigh. So fun. And so sad that before you know it that magical time has past.


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