the easier the better

So for my Christmas cards I made a million star garlands. (Ok it was really 40, but that is a lot!) I originally posted about the garlands a while back with the original tutorial found HERE. So while I was making them I discovered that using parchment paper is a pain and not to mention expensive, so I used plain tissue paper. (you can get a huge pack at the dollar store) It not only does it rip off MUCH easier, it is really cheap so you don’t feel bad wasting the good stuff!

Also I was wrapping up some presents a few weeks ago and I had not yet gotten out my Christmas stuff. I didn’t feel like digging through the storage for the Christmas wrap so I used the 12×12 christmas paper I had been making the star garlands from.


All I did was get two coordinating papers and cut them to size, leaving plenty of room, bigger is better. I made a pocket by sewing three sides of the papers together using a zig zag stitch, inserted the gift and stitched it closed. I Added ribbon, a tag and presto, a cute little gift! This works great with flat type items. ( haven’t tried it with anything else…)


I was also remembering that last year I came across a good idea from Martha Stewart about sewing regular wrapping paper together to get a cool two tone wrap job. Let me look and see if I can find it….. Ok here it is, but it is just a blurb about it, I think I saw it in a mag last year, but the picture on the page shows it. Fun idea I might have to try!


3 thoughts on “the easier the better

  1. Mom

    I just love reading your blog – it’s like a fun, PRACTICAL crafty-fun-lady magazine. And thank you for the darling stars- they are hung above the wide opening above the stairs down to the kitchen/fam. rm. THANKS! love ya.

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