Chloe, my dear Chloe, what are you doing to your hair?? This has been my lament this week. First Chloe was playing too close to a candle and singed a bunch of hair. (fortunately I was not home, and Scott washed her hair and so you can’t really see the damage) Then today I notice that she suddenly has bangs. AAACKK, “Chloe when did you cut your hair???” “The other morning because I had tape in it” Grooaaaannnn…

Here she is now with bangs.


I must say that the two times she has cut her hair she has at least done a decent job and just cut the very front. I only had to trim a little to even her new bangs out… I am not a huge fan of bangs on her, but I am counting my blessings because it could have been SOOO much worse. I think she kind of has a 50’s little girl look going on, maybe a little Dick and Jane…


3 thoughts on “why?

  1. Mom

    Oh, you are Soooooooo lucky! Whenever you girls (especially Sarah) cut your hair, it was disastrous… and wierd-looking for about a month or more! Chloe looks adorable in her short bangs. Give her a kiss and a hug for me! love ya


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