sewing is fun

I was busy last weekend (ok when am I not busy…) making gifts. In the ward the bishopric (wives) and R.S. presidency put together baskets for a few widows in the ward and I was asked to participate. So I decided to make some rice heat bags. This time I followed THIS tutorial from Sew Mama Sew, and they turned out so good!


I was sad to see them go so I took lots of pictures to remember them by…


I made these smaller than the tutorial one, by half, just ’cause I was making six.

I will probably be making more of these, my kids love the one we have. If I come into some extra time this week (ha-ha), I may make one for Chloe’s teacher. Also I have a dilemma in that department because Chloe has a bunch of teachers at the school, but only one really fantastic one, so I can’t really just give one a gift, but I was thinking that maybe I could give the others treats. Then that would require me making those treats by Friday, and I am just not willing to commit at this point. Long story short, I will probably not do anything and be a ungrateful slacker!! As it is, I am putting off bringing Birthday treats for Chloe ’till after the break. I can’t believe she will be 5 on Sunday. Wow!


One thought on “sewing is fun

  1. katie

    just take the teachers some sugar cookies that chloe helps you decorate. then you’re grateful, your daughter is entertained and the teachers feel warm and fuzzy. card, cookies, done. and then maybe you could sneak the good one a rice bag on the sly. . .


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