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There used to be a time way back before Chloe was born and we didn’t have a budget, that Scott and I used to go to the movies quite often. Back in the days when we had, …you guessed it, more time and money. We usually go on date nite every so often, but it seemed to us that there was absolutely nothing worth seeing for ages now. But as usual, all the good movies are saved for the holidays. In the last little bit we have seen two movies that I enjoyed.

First was Dan in Real Life

I HIGHLY enjoyed this movie. It was about a great family that was having a reunion type gathering, and it was a sweet love story and it was funny.   I enjoy Steve Carrel in The Office, and was nervous that it would be more of that character. I had nothing to fear, his Dan character was great, really believable and human.  I will own this movie when it comes out on DVD, and I wish I could watch it right now. It makes me want to have a reunion and steal their ideas of fun things to do.

Yesterday we saw:

I Am Legend. Did you know this is a zombie movie? I had seen previews and the zombie creatures were only flashed on for a second, so I figured they were a minor part of the story. Not so. Not that I didn’t enjoy it for what it was. This is about as scary of a movie that I will enjoy. (I HATE Horror movies with an undying passion burning like a thousand suns, and think they are all evil— and I could go on but I won’t) I do like Will Smith, he is one of my favorites I must say. So I will give this a thumbs up because I enjoyed all in all, after being mildly disconcerted that it was a zombie movie. I would record it off tv, or rent it, but I won’t be buying it. Scott tells me it is just like Resident Evil, which I refuse to see because of afore mentioned reasons, but he HATED Resident Evil even though he insists that he likes it, although whenever he sees it again on tv or whatever he is reminded how much he hates it. He did not however hate this movie, so I’m not sure what my point is….

So there you go. See Dan in Real Life and tell me what you think. If you are a fan of Will Smith then see his movie, or if you are in the mood for a mild zombie movie, I am Legend is for you.


One thought on “movie reviews

  1. katie

    i loved dan in real life- such a sweet, feel-good movie. and who doesn’t love steve carrel? i bought the soundtrack off itunes the day after i saw it. and i’ll be buying the dvd too. it is one of those movies i’ll watch five thousand times. . .


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