third time is a charm

charm is an all around great word isn’t it?…. he’s charming, charm bracelets, charmed I’m sure…

Third time was a charm last Saturday cause Chloe sat on Santa’s lap and actually talked to him!  It was at the cousins ward chirstmas party and Chloe was with them.  I got there to pick her up just in time for Santa.  She was not pulling any shyness at all.  She was concerned later though because she asked Santa for a Barbie, not a Barbie Castle, which she meant to ask for.  I assured her that we will email Santa and make sure he knows.  I wish I had the picture, I didn’t have my camera on me and Erin’s ran out of battery juice right before.  We had someone take a picture for us and I am hoping that some day it makes it’s way to me!


One thought on “third time is a charm

  1. Mom

    Yeah, Chloe! Seeing the cousins do the Santa thing probably had a lot to do with it. Adults can tell a kid over and over that something is OK and safe to do, but it won’t be believed until another kid shows the way! If you do get the picture… post it, ok? Tell Chloe that DD is happy she was brave and sat on Santa’s lap. 🙂


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