losing steam

I think I can, I think I can…..
Ok I think I am officially worn out. But the end of my to do list is in sight, and no more will be added. I don’t care that a section of my Christmas tree lights has gone out, I am NOT going to deal with trying to find the faulty bulb, so my tree is a little stripey… Also my outdoor lights have also gone out in places…don’t care! I did all my menu planning and grocery shopping today, so I won’t have to go to the store again for a week. I decided not to make the rice heat bag for the teacher, just couldn’t get the motivation to do it. So instead I made a boquet of flower topped pens for the school, and I am thinking of making fudge in a minute.


The only reason I am even contemplating this is because of THIS recipe that is the easiest in the world, and I like it. (I add 1/2 tsp of salt to the recipe.)

Tomorrow I will get all my presents wrapped and I should be good to go. Then the only things I need to do are making cinnamon rolls on Monday (fun), and finish my “Wee” nativity set (which is coming along nicely), I will post pics later!

Paige and Dillon got all packed up and delivered to their Dad’s house today. They are going to AZ for a week. That means a nice quiet week with Chloe and Mommy! Scott has Sunday (Chloe’s b-day) and Christmas Day off next week. (oh yeah, I need to make Chloe’s princess castle cake for Sunday)

I am definitely ready for a break from the daily grind of the school schedule. I have not a single thing planned for next week and I am going to enjoy it!! I will have time to bake, read and relax….If I don’t get to relax soon this is going to be me:

hee hee



3 thoughts on “losing steam

  1. sevnetus

    Your first two lines are funny! Keep up the good work about making the holiday season work as a good time. Though I’ve given up on it I respect what you’re doing so good luck and push on.

  2. katie

    dah! one of my strands went out too. but it is the actual wiring that wore out. and of course, it was the strand plugged in so the whole tree went dark. aggravating start to a day when i was going to document all our christmas decorations. . .

    i’m still amazed by all you have accomplished. amazing.

  3. Mom

    I got tired just reading your “slow-down” schedule!! All that IV iron is paying off… hurray! You really made this Christmas a wonderful one with all your hand-made things – such creativity!!!! Oh, and I loved the train wreck picture. 🙂 love ya


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